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I'm Going to Miss Doctor 11

I just wanted to keep this one.

I was looking at Netflix, thinking to check and see if Being Human Series 4 (UK) was available yet, since Series 5 starts on BBCA this weekend, but I stumbled across Red Dwarf, which I haven't seen in a VERY long time, so I started watching S1 again... and whoa, hard to believe this was being produced the EXACT SAME YEAR as the Star Trek:TNG episodes I had just been watching!!! (And Rory's dad, Mark Williams, is a member of the doomed crew of the Red Dwarf! My goodness, he's just a sprout!)


Jul. 5th, 2013 02:12 am (UTC)
I heard vague "artistic differences," but of course we may never know all the truth of the whole thing, since he appears to be very gracious about the whole business. Hard to say. Of course, we never have found out all the facts about Eccelston leaving, either (although rumors there are aplenty). I think I'm saddest because I HAD heard he'd been signed for S8, and then... no.

He does look strange without the Doctor's floppy hair. Of course, I thought the same thing when I saw David Tennant without the sideburns!

IMDB says it's "How to Catch a Monster," which looks like it's probably a good movie, but not something I'd normally go out of the way to watch. I am interesting in seeing him in other roles, although that's been chancy for me -- I think Tennant is a reasonably good working actor in most of the other roles I've seen him in; while Eccelston is absolutely freaking ASTOUNDING in all that I've seen him in; I haven't seen a lot of the other Doctors in other roles (Tom Baker is Tom Baker; but he was the absolute GREATEST Puddleglum of All Time).

The problem with IMDB is I see from Matt's birthdate that he was born AFTER I graduated High School...

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