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So, am I logged in?

There are MANY things I hate about the "new, improved" LiveJournal. I don't give a rat's ass about the "exciting new home page," because I rarely use it -- but I HATE HATE HATE the entry layout here, because GOD DAMN IT, ELJAY, if I hit "page down" when I'm writing in a journal, I want to PAGE DOWN IN WHAT I'M WRITING, NOT THE WHOLE DAMNED PAGE.

I don't like the layout, I don't like the interface, and I don't like it dumping EVERYTHING I wrote because it suddenly decided I needed to log in again when I HAD BEEN LOGGED IN.

I had some things here...

I had gone on from the discussion about state's-rights-vs.-federal-power to articles I'd read this week about the Gettysburg 150th Anniversary, and interviews with men who go out and reenact the battle; they had talked with several men who started out as Union soldiers but switched sides because "they came to believe in the Southern Cause." Oh, not slavery -- one fellow insisted that "southern states didn't want slavery" -- no, it was about "state's rights." Which makes me wonder about where exactly we're heading today.

And then I believe I waxed (somewhat eloquently, even) on the fires burning in Arizona, and how most papers seem to agree that this is the "new normal." While my heart aches for the people whose lives were lost, and their families and friends, I also ache for those majestic pine forests, which are gradually being decimated not only by wildfires, but year after year of drought.

Some thoughts on living in Central Arizona by a local author.

But I found one happy storm story.

I can't remember what else I talked about.

I finally updated my writing journal, nightmaresaloon. Please, read and enjoy.
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