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Some Buffy Stuff

Ha! Escape from politics (briefly):

Gakked from BabyOtto:

What is your One True Pairing?
Angel/Cordelia. They had a real, adult relationship and needed one another.

What is your "guilty pleasure" pairing?
Willow/Oz. I loved Willow/Tara, but Oz was so sweet.

What is one pairing you absolutely refuse to ship
Buffy/Angel. There is a couple who should NEVER be together.

What is one pairing you're interested in, but don't ship?
Not sure. I tend to root for any potential romantic couple I like on screen. I even pulled for Buffy/Riley at the top of Season Four, and was even sorry when he flew away. (By the time of "As You Were," I hated him along with everyone else, but it wasn't his fault. I'm totally easy to persuade.)

What is one pairing you used to ship, but don't any more?
Cordelia/Xander. I liked them together.

What is one pairing you could be convinced to ship if it was done properly?
Giles/Anya. Also very good together.

And one from me -- What ship deserved better? All due respects to Spuffy aside, Xander/Anya deserved better. Especially since they knew they were going to kill off Anya at the end. Why not give her a LITTLE happiness and actually have Xander behave in character and be the man he was initially shown to be growing into, who would have the balls to say "I'm not my father," and marry the girl? Geez.

((Very brief political rant: Yesterday in Scottsdale a neighborhood was blanketed by KKK flyers, and everyone was upset. Geez, you think there's a reason the nutcases are coming out? They just got a national mandate that hate is in vogue.))
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