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Random Semi-Political Thoughts, and other things

Today I read a rant from some gun-loving nut about how horrible it is to live in New York, where the state legislature has DARED to legalize gay marriage and get tough on gun laws and so on and so forth. This led me to wonder if these sorts actually notice that on the one hand they LOVE "state's rights" (to an extreme point at times), and yet will scream for Federal protection if their state actually does something they don't like. Hey, if your state is liberal and forward-thinking, there are PLENTY of states who think and feel as you do, buddy. Move to Texas or Arizona.

Not that I want you in Arizona, mind. I'm having enough trouble with this state as it is. (And we actually have spoken about moving out of this state if it still doesn't recognize our marriage when it comes time for us to retire. We'd like those federal social security benefits, thanks all the same.)

But who knows what might happen in ten or more years?

Everything else I just wrote was lost because this GOD DAMNED STUPID JOURNAL logged me out while I was writing it. AND I WROTE A LOT.

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