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Those Who Believe Cats are Standoffish

Have never actually known too many cats. True, some cats CAN be a little standoffish, but cats DO love their owners and can be, in their way, quite demonstrative. And now, there is scientific proof. Hee.

Another nifty cat video. You might have to have a hanky handy for this one, but it's sweet.

Also in today's news feed, some TOTALLY AWESOME THINGS!!!!!

An UNDISTURBED South American tomb!

Ancient African coins found in Australia.

Both of those are amazing discoveries and I want to learn more; I have to see if the National Geographic story on the Wari tomb is available yet. (I can't find it anywhere on the online magazine, but having now found that, I foresee a great time-waster... at least it can be somewhat educational.)

I are an archeology geek. *dances*

It's 110 in Phoenix right now, the forecast for tomorrow is 118 or 119, depending on which station you're watching -- it will likely be MUCH more down on the street (the official temperature is taken 40 feet in the air). But hey, it's gonna be 129 in Death Valley, so I guess we're getting off light. It's going to stay above 110 now until the monsoon actually begins (which I'm not real sanguine about).

On the plus side, the figs are getting ripe.

I actually PERSONALLY KNOW someone who was on The Late Show With David Letterman this week (Monday night) -- while I believe Dale Watson to be the best country music singer currently living, it rather surprised me that he made it to the Letterman show before settling for Ferguson (who, despite his own self-deprecation, has a great knack for having TREMENDOUS independent musicians performing on his show). I not only have met Dale, but I've also interviewed him AND exchanged emails and telephone calls; I'd even say we were buddies! :)

And the big news this week? Well, of course I'm elated that in some instances the Federal Government, as well as 13 states and D.C., will now recognize my marriage -- but since I live in a state which may NEVER do so, there may still be a number of those vaunted Federal benefits which we will never see, depending on how the laws shake out in the end. I'll still talk to my accountant and see, since I heard SOME people (possibly in states like Massachusetts or New York) will be able to go back over the years since their marriages have been legal in their own states and have their Federal income taxes recalculated with the marriage benefits included. That probably won't be an option for us, but it's worth looking into; we were married in 2008, so that's four years of being legally married but having to file as "single."

And now, your Moment of Zen.
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