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Home again home again

Uneventful drive. Got out of Vegas at about quarter to 9, stopped in Kingman for breakfast/lunch, then made it home just before 3. Not bad at all.

The Loop 303, in the far west Valley, is undergoing construction -- we didn't realize it going out and missed the detour turn, resulting in us getting a little turned around in an upscale Surprise (that's a town in the far north Valley, BTW) housing area -- coming back we knew where to go.

Not to be desperately annoying, but I found my hat online. It's of course from Head'n Home Hats, an excellent company -- I have one of their leather cowboy hats I got at a Tempe Street Fair years ago. I may save up for it (I note, though, that each cameo is "unique" to each hat -- one of the things I loved about the one at the store was that cameo).

Going out to dinner, and then I'm going to sleep in my own bed tonight. Whee!
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