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Photos finally uploaded.

It even fits perfectly. *sigh* We just couldn't get a good enough jackpot; that said, I did win 86 bucks on a penny machine and then proceeded to play that same $90 the entire rest of the night, so it wasn't a bad evening at the slots.

There was one machine we played that was all in Mandarin, with Chinese dragons and a wild bonus round -- I continually wish I could read and/or understand Mandarin (although later I noticed someone changed it to English -- I did notice the button that would change the announcer language -- but it had more charm in Mandarin, I think.)

Again, not a big winner, but fun.

Not surprisingly, I have a slight hangover this morning. We got quite tipsy last night. Whee!

The front of MGM got a whole new look -- I'm SO glad they kept Leo, though; when they had the cranes and construction stuff around him I was seriously afraid they were going to take him down along with the real lions inside, but he's just been all polished up and given a new background (the screens to each side of him are plasma, they change constantly).

We went by the Bellagio to check out the atrium as we must always do; they have spring up, and a little house full of finches... this one was obliging for the camera.

We're getting ready to head for home.
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