Kats (wildrider) wrote,

Hot hot hot

There is free Wi-Fi in Mandalay Bay. It must be the same across all the MLife group of hotels.

The drive was good. This model of the Volkswagen Jetta does NOT have cruise control. I thought that was, you know, standard in every car, like a radio. Totally weird, and bad for driving across the Arizona desert -- especially in a German car. I found myself going 95 at one point north of Kingman! (This is Northern Arizona, on the way to Vegas -- some guys passed us in a Porsche so fast it was as though we were standing still, and we were, at the time, going about 86.)

We found out the Liberace museum is, indeed, closed. Of course, because we finally actually stopped to SEE it.

Mom is unpacking. I expect a few moments reprieve before the really going starts, well, going.

cornerofmadness -- Mandalay Bay also has a noodle shop which sells congee. BTW.

We're on the 22nd Floor. The view is AMAZING.

The lowest temperature I saw on the dash of the car was 101 (not counting leaving Phoenix at 8 am, when it was hovering around 91).
Tags: vegas, weather
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