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Okay, at the risk of sounding cliché and all spooked, "The terrorists won." Our way of life, as we know and cherish it, has been badly wounded, or at the very least seriously endangered. Personal freedoms, liberty, civil rights, privacy, all gone or going, and fast. I don't hate DUHbya for his policies (which I merely disagree with), or just for the attack on Iraq (I was in favor of the war in Afghanistan), or because he's from Texas (normally I love anything from Texas). What I hate is a man who is, apparently, destroying my country with his narrow-minded ideology and determination to force us to become a nation which is short-sighted, bigoted, fearful, paranoid, hateful, unjust, and plain mean -- and all under a banner of "compassion" and "Christianity."

I heard a man ask, "We have a Christian Coalition to protect Christian rights -- where is the Muslim Coalition?" I do actually agree with the fundamentalists who say that "freedom of religion" doesn't exactly mean "freedom from religion" (although there are folks who would prefer that), but I also think that if we publicly display the Ten Commandments (no one seems to remember that the Ten Commandments also apply to Jews), then perhaps the Buddhist Wheel of Doctrine should also be on display. Or the Hindu Code of Manu. The fundamentalist right is now as firmly in control of this country as the Taliban was in control of Afghanistan, and how long before other strict interpretations of that faith are imposed on supposedly "free" Americans? Of course, the amount of intolerance that is washing over me from the various churches and their leaders is crushing. These sorts of people seem to have completely left behind Jesus's teachings long ago, and forget all the teachings of the New Testament. Yes, Paul preached against gay relations, but he also preached that men should never marry at all (I Cor.7:1). He said women should be kept in their place (I Cor. 7:4, 11:5-15). Men should not have long hair (I Cor.11:14), and if they do marry, no one should ever divorce (I Cor. 7:10-11). But Paul also said, "Do not repay anyone evil for evil." (Rom. 12:17) So why must these people pick and choose from the Bible to decide what to follow and what to ignore?

I believe in a God who created man, not the God man created.

Today in Bush's press conference, he said again he would "reach out" to Democrats. However, he added the caveat "who think like us." Apparently, if we don't think like him, we simply don't count, and our opinions are moot. After all, only in this administration could the quagmire that is Iraq be called a "catastrophic success" and 51% of the people form a "mandate."

I do pray that I'm wrong about this. But so far nearly everything bad I envisioned under Bush has come to pass. I know I'm doomsaying. But... I'm just sayin'.

Now I need to stop thinking about politics. Cold turkey. I need to get to the mountains.

"Know what you gotta do? Just keep swimmin'."
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