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Fun With Baking

So I had gotten some stuff from King Arthur Flour to assist in making "authentic" bagels (barley malt), so I tried yesterday. They taste really good, but are a little weird -- the dough was VERY heavy, VERY glutenous, and hard to work, so they didn't form well (which I already know I can fix, by using more all-purpose flour and less of the vital gluten flour), but apart from that when boiled and cooked they came out very light and flaky, like croissants, but still chewy, like bagels.

Hey, at least they taste good. I will try some new stuff next time I try.

All I lack is the fur:

The Name of The Doctor was terrific -- funny and sad and sweet and actually a surprisingly good wrap-up for the whole "Impossible Girl" story arc, which was at its best weak; at least she didn't turn out to be a TARDIS, which was a theory I'd seen bantered about the Interwebs.

I hope we haven't seen the last of Lady Vastra, Jenny, and Strax.

Goodbye to River made me cry, but it was a very satisfying conclusion to HER story. There are so many stories about them we know could be out there -- they traveled together, on and off, for at least 200 years. Still... *sob*

The Great Intelligence, on the other hand, could have been a more satisfying villain. He was in the end pretty ineffectual -- and kinda boring in the end. (Of course, villains who want nothing more than to stick it to the Doctor do eventually end up boring, when they lose track of their original agenda and turn into just "get the Doctor!" I think that's why Moffatt rebooted the Daleks.)

HOWEVER... what a wow of an ending. Whoever John Hurt's "The Doctor" turns out to be -- and my favorite pet theory is that he's the REAL "Doctor Nine," the one who made the decision to destroy Gallifrey (Barb points out that if "Eleven" knows who he is, then he's obviously a past incarnation, not a future one) -- I do wonder, though: if Clara was in the Doctor's ENTIRE timeline, past AND future, she SHOULD have seen more than Eleven Doctors, ones that he wouldn't know about. Anyway, if he IS actually Nine, then I need to fix some of my icons, and Eleven is actually Twelve...

ARGH, no new Doctor Who episodes until NOVEMBER!!!

I HATE our mattress.
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