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Sunday Evening Coming Down

I spent a good deal of yesterday hating everything, so I decided to start looking at things and finding the ones I didn't hate. I found:

I don't hate hollyhocks.
I don't hate grackles.
I don't hate flowering trees.
I don't hate cats.

I felt better after a while.

Our mattress is really starting to suck -- and it's barely five years old. We are NEVER buying a pillow-top mattress again; you can't flip the damned thing and the pillow top is all crushed in already. It cost a fortune, even at Costco.

Nightmare in Silver was a great episode, but not quite as great as The Doctor's Wife; another nice shout-out to Classic Who, with the regeneration, and a wonderful romp for Matt Smith. (Two Doctors are always more fun, even Evil Doctor v. Good Doctor.) I like the kids, too. Although the beginning was somewhat abrupt; we thought we'd missed something. And next week: RIVER!!!

I'm almost glad things are wrapping up on many of my shows, since I'm still way behind on my DVR.

I miss mountains. I want to go hiking, and hear pine trees in the wind. (I hear this sometimes outside, since there are pine trees all over the neighborhood, but it's Not the Same Thing.)

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