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I want to understand

What are these "moral values" that have led the country this direction?

John Kerry, being a gentleman and a true American who doesn't want the country continuing to splinter, has conceded the election. I understand why and admire him for it, but I'm so terrified for my country.

Bush's "Moral Values" have led to a morass of hatred, intolerance, and bigotry I have never really witnessed personally but have read about and hoped somehow we were moving beyond. Instead, we determinedly march backward to a time when oppression, fear, and ignorance ruled. I don't understand why this is a good thing. Why am I a second-class citizen because I love someone? We own property, pay taxes, fly the flag, vote. But we're not good enough to get married to each other?

I see a lot of folks saying, "Well, at least he can't be elected again." Amendments can be, and have been, repealed in the past. I don't think I'll be happy again until the election of 2008 had passed, and Bush is not in office any longer. Bush has already shown little regard for the importance of the Constitution--and now he has no worries about alienating people he doesn't need or want. Why not repeal the 22nd Amendment? After all, it would be dangerous to remove this resolute, determined leader in time of war (because you can't tell me this is going to end any time in the next four years).

The odd part is, in many ways I have a very conservative stance on many issues. I believe in gun rights and have been a gun owner myself (I just also have no objection to licensing guns the same way we license other lethal weapons, like cars). I have no trouble with the death penalty, although I worry about the innocents who have been sentenced, but that's more a problem with the justice system (and things there have been aided by science advancements). I don't like Big Brother government, and can't stand "babysitter laws" which sternly govern grown, supposedly free-thinking and intelligent adults to make them take care of themselves, like seat belt laws and helmetlaws. I figure every American has the God-given right to be stupid, and I wear a seat belt because I want to live, not because they make me. While I myself have proven to be less than fiscally responsible, I can't see how anyone who calls himself "conservative" can continue with this borrow-and-spend policy without any concern for the future. I am a Christian and wonder why so many "fundamentalists" ignore Christ's New Testament in favor of stricter interpretations of the Old. If they fear gays so much, why do they allow women to enter the church with their heads uncovered? And I bet they trim the edges of their beards, too. Not to mention the shrimp.

I once said I figured the only way George DUHbya Bush could have won was he has sold his soul to the devil. Considering all the statistical points against him (no incumbent with such low approval ratings have ever been re-elected, f'example), I'm still wondering about that one. (I know some folks from Texas who still wonder how in the world he defeated Ann Richards.)

Okay, I burst into tears when John Kerry conceded, but I'm better now. Kinda. But Canada is looking SO nice right now. I need to get to the mountains.
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