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Days of Such Excitement

I came home singing along with Cross Canadian Ragweed's Bang My Head -- it seemed appropriate.

I now can barely remember what I did over the weekend -- I remember making really good ribs and sausage on the grill Saturday night, and I got all my hair cut off Saturday afternoon (I'm very pleased with it, actually) -- but really, the entire weekend went by in a blur of activity on Saturday and a pleasant haze of laziness on Sunday.

Then my truck, which I'd loaned to sillymagpie while she was car-less, blew something which causes her to lose acceleration, so today I trooped up to the far north valley (twice, which was my own stupid fault for forgetting to bring along any spare keys -- I have at least three spare sets of keys for that truck, due to my penchant for locking myself out of it), called AAA, and had it towed down to her regular mechanic (which, despite the assurances of the AAA website, DID cost me extra money per mile over 5 miles--but worth it, since I trust my mechanic). It's 94 in Phoenix today, although that falls short of last year's record 103...

Should I cook dinner, or order pizza?


(That's actually what Churro does, exactly.)

This is likewise extremely cool. Watch the whole slideshow, it's worth it.

I've been listening to all the speculation about the bombing suspect and the death penalty, and I think to myself, "He probably ought to be put in a cell with a copy of that picture of the little boy he helped kill, holding the peace sign that says 'no more hurting people.' So he can look at it for the rest of his life -- he's only 19, that could be a good, long time." Sometimes the death penalty is too kind.

I answered a tweet from Peter Sagal and he tweeted me back. I had a geek moment of giddiness.

Having a LOT of fun playing with Ancestry.com -- having a little trouble finding my grandmother's family, largely because Grandpa married a woman with the same first name as HIS mother, so "Gertrude Rollins" can be either Grandma or my great-grandmother on HIS side... (sometimes it's hard to correlate the maiden name, but sometimes when you put that in, a whole new world opens up -- I found an entire branch of my father's family once I got his mother's maiden name accepted.)
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