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I got this from nutmeg3:


1. Always Post the Rules

2. Answer the questions from the person who tagged you and write 11 new ones

3. Tag 11 new people and link them to the post

4. Let them know you tagged them

I found the second rule ambiquous -- do you answer all 22 questions, then? And come up with 11 more? Or just the new 11? (Because I kinda like the first 11, as well...)

1. What's the most exciting thing you did in 2012?

Climbing Dunn's River Falls in Rio Ochos, Jamaica. That was awesome.

2. What's something weird that has happened to you when you've been traveling?

The weirdest thing I can remember was when we were at Cape Kennedy, doing the tour, when I suddenly felt just -- ODD. I was light-headed and a little queasy, and suddenly despite my intense delight at being there (I had begged for it, and I had ADORED every moment), just didn't want to do ANYTHING. I felt sick the entire rest of the trip, although never again had any actual "symptoms" -- I lost some ten pounds on that vacation and the Thanksgiving weekend which followed (unheardof!) because it took so long to really recover. It was weird.

3. If you could speak another language other than the language(s) you already speak, what would it be?

I'd love to speak Mandarin or Japanese, but considering the difficulty I have with the "easy" languages like Spanish and French, I can't imagine I'll ever be able to.

4. What are some goals you have for the next couple of years?

My lack of ambition is terrifying. But I'd like to see debts paid off (not doing too badly there) and home improvements made (also making progress there).

5. Where are your grandparents from?

I've been playing with Ancestry.com, where I discovered my maternal grandfather was born in Virginia (and OMG, the FAMILY TREE IS ASTOUNDING) and my maternal grandmother was born in New Jersey (although she told me once she'd been born in Germany... or maybe I dreamed that, but I could have SWORN...). I can't find anything yet on my paternal grandparents, although Nebraska is where I'm searching, since I think most of what little I ever met of Dad's family lived there.

6. Tell me about someone close to you in your life?

Closest person in the world is my wife. Also best friend. You can learn all about her at rahirah.

7. Did you ever go to camp as a kid?

Not any overnight camps (as in "Go to Camp") -- my folks and I used to go camping, though. I went to a day camp some summers, the sorts where you make crafts and such. I don't remember a lot about it.

8. What is across the street from where you live?

The Biltmore Promenade Condos/Apartments

9. What have you eaten today?

Two little chicken biscuits, two eggs, a handful of peanuts

10. Name a celebrity/famous person that drives you nuts in a bad way?

Kristen Stewart

11. Have you ever been skinny dipping?

Yes, many times, although it's been a long time.

1) If laws and practicalities (and the possibility of being eaten) weren't an issue, what wild animal would you want as a pet, and why?

A lion or a tiger, because a bigger cat is THAT MUCH BETTER.

2) What country that you haven't already visited is your dream destination and why?

I'd love to see Egypt, because, well, EGYPT. Pyramids and tombs and all (although it's not the safest destination) -- but possibly the UK, all the islands, especially England and Ireland. Castles and giant mysterious stones and pomp and Victorian row houses and Shakespeare and... well, all of it.

3) What living celebrity (entertainment, political, sports...whatever) would you love to interview?

Well, I've gotten to interview Pete Anderson and Dale Watson! A major celebrity? Maybe Neil Patrick Harris, he seems like a really fun guy; or Neil Gaiman (the two Neils), who writes the way I'd like to (at least, he writes things my characters think before I get a chance to write them.

4) What were your best and worst subjects in high school? College?

English (best) and Math (worst) in both HS and college. I managed to get my math/sciences credits by taking astronomy.

5) If aliens really exist, are they more like ET or Alien?

They are probably so alien we might have a hard time even acknowledging them as beings -- like the triangular-skeletal critters in "His Dark Materials" or someone in my writers' group created aliens that were such a hive-mind that they weren't even individual creatures but had to join together to take on shape. They might be benevolent, or they might be hostile, but they might not think anything of us at all. I'm actually sure they exist, but they're either so far away it's highly unlikely we'd ever see or meet them, or their levels of intelligence/technology are so different from ours we can't detect them.

6) What three books would you take with you if you had to spend a year on a desert island?

Gone with the Wind, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, and Lord of the Rings. They're all really long and I have no objections to reading them over and over again.

7) What's your favorite magazine, and why?

Shamefully, it's probably "Entertainment Weekly." It's the first one I pick up whenever I'm in a waiting room anywhere if I don't have a book with me.

8) Puns, dirty jokes, riddles or shaggy dog stories?

Not really. I like them all well enough, but I'm not good at telling them, particularly.

9) If you could go back and live through a major moment in history, what would it be and why?

I would love to witness the moon landing as an adult. All I vaguely remember is being bored at the black-and-white pictures my parents were watching (I was a month shy of 5 years old) -- I didn't have the wonder and excitement yet; I would love to see it.

10) What's your favorite comfort food?

Biscuits and gravy. (Or S-O-S, which is about the same, only with ground meat in the gravy.)

11) What's your dream job?

WRITER. Full time, with actual readers and pay.

This afternoon as we were walking the dog we were passing in front of a woman coming out of the grocery store parking lot. She was looking left toward oncoming traffic, then down at what she was texting, then without checking for pedestrians coming the other way, started to roll out -- right into us, who were smack dab in front of her. I actually felt her hood on my leg -- fortunately, she WAS just rolling slightly, but it alarmed a lot of people also leaving the parking lot, who asked us if we were all right.

The guy whom I replaced when he transferred to another department is coming back. I'm not giving up my hard-earned desk...

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