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Doritos Suck

Okay, they don't -- but I absolutely have to remember that no matter how much I might love them, every single time I eat them anymore, they kill my stomach. I enjoy eating them, but I'm miserable for hours afterward. Bleh.

But in good stomach-related news, I have finally started to lose a little weight (not to jinx myself or anything) -- some of it came from the week I was sick and had no appetite at all, but have managed to continue into this week, getting in some exercise, but overtime's been approved and I do want the extra money, so today I pulled 4 extra hours (hence the Doritos), and I'll do it again tomorrow -- hopefully I won't eat too much and set myself back.

I missed everything I'd been looking forward to, since I got sick just before Dale Watson came back to the Valley for the FIRST TIME IN FOUR YEARS -- and then I missed going up to see The Bloggess read when she came back through. *sigh* And my wife never wants to go see movies she's already seen, so I missed "Finding Nemo" in 3-D, and I'll probably miss "Jurassic Park" in 3-D, too (whinging is me). The sandals I bought on eBay were too narrow so I had to return them, and the seller gave me this "I DO wish you'd read the description before you purchased!" I did, you annoying #@$%&, but I expected that Skechers sandals would be like Skechers sneakers, where the "M" width DOES fit. Apparently NOT. So I went to the men's sandals -- where a "M" width is D instead of B. Hopefully these ones will fit. I'm trying to find good walking sandals to give my toes space -- the Naturalizers I bought last year are nice, but again, a little tight; wide feet suck. But a week of wearing only sandals or loose shoes HAS reduced the swelling on the toe some.
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