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They're Defending Themselves Somehow!

Today we set out to tidy up the back yard, and I attacked the last bits of dead wood on the bougainvillaea. Well, mostly, I did well; and I wore gloves for carrying branches around. Then I was breaking them up to put in the fire pit, not really thinking about it, and I stabbed myself on a bougainvillaea thorn. Apparently, I'm a little allergic, since my thumb has now swollen up and turned all sorts of interesting shades of purple and black.


But on the whole, things look SO NICE that maybe spring cleaning is pretty cool after all. The back yard is spiffy nice looking, all clean and clear, and we have a FRONT PORCH again! Woot!

Speaking of Woot!, I need to break my sad addiction to this website. The t-shirts are bad enough, but when I look at OTHER STUFF on Woot!, it's terrible. (And I am losing track of how many Woot! t-shirts I own... I'm wearing one now.)

So we grilled sausages and other things this evening and had a lovely, lovely afternoon at the Tiki Bar.

Another lovely episode of Doctor Who. I love Doctor Eleven more and more and more every episode. He's so very... Doctory! And a very good stand-alone episode, excellent little stand-alone story. I enjoyed it.

We ate a lot of sausages and chips and hummus, and everything was good. Tried a Spanish white wine from Costco and it was delicious (not too sweet, not too dry, very nice indeed). Now watching the Nerdist and just kicking back in front of the TV. It's lovely outside right now after a rather hot spring day in Phoenix.

All is right.
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