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At the End of the Weekend

I had actually planned on posting this on Friday, but between one thing and another, suddenly it's Sunday night, but...

I GOT MY PROMOTION!!!! My boss called me over just as I was about to leave for lunch on Friday -- it involves actually getting the title to go with the job I've been doing for the last year or so, plus a substantial raise as well as a movement in pay GRADE, so I'll no longer be at the top of the lowest pay grade, but at the bottom of the middle one!

Then we spent the weekend doing things -- a little shopping (I got my new glasses ordered, got Barb's birthday present, some general food items and a few frivolous things we really didn't need), a little housecleaning and yard work, but mostly a strange sense of weariness, Barb yesterday and me today (I've been falling asleep in front of the TV all day long). Got the laundry done and baked cookies, grilled fish for dinner tonight; but mostly the combination of bad Phoenix air and early Phoenix spring has combined to make it REALLY hard to breathe, which is probably why I haven't been sleeping very well.

I ate a lot of bad stuff this weekend and drank a lot of wine, so I'm back where I started weight-wise, but I feel good. Maybe I'll have time for some workouts this week, which I did NOT make time for last week!

Oh! And one last week until Doctor Who starts again!!! WHOO!!!
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