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Lousy Smarch Weather

Okay, it's only St. Patrick's Day, it's not supposed to be topping 85 degrees (it was over 95 last week). Gah. It jumped directly from coat to shorts weather in the span of about four days.

Of course, I have been doing the dance of "make it cool again in Phoenix," which has been to away the heaters and pack up the winter clothes, because that is a sure-fire method of holding back the heat for at least a few more weeks (or at least bringing back at least one more cold snap).

But speaking of St. Patrick's Day, Slainte! Hope it's a good one for everyone. Although I was just reading that the snakes are coming back to Ireland... the same way they're coming to the Florida Everglades, apparently (pets released by people who can't afford/don't want them anymore). And, as with the Everglades, these snakes have no natural predators.

I wanted to buy a bottle of Jameson's Irish Whiskey at Costco this weekend because it was an extremely good buy, but I didn't. I did buy a few pairs of jeans at Burlington, though.

Taking a page from cornerofmadness, I did a little de-cluttering: I finally chucked a brown paper bag full of brown paper bags in the recycling bin because seriously, we're never going to use them. I also decided I may never get back to size 8, so I weeded many pairs of pants out of my drawers so I could actually put away the clothes that fit me now. (Size 12/14.)
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