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A Random Week

Got in three good workouts this week, yay.

Ate a lot of Easter candy, boo.

I made colcannon for the first time in anticipation of St. Patrick's Day. Very yay.

Actually did a little editing on the dual-Nano I need to put together as a single story. Yay.

Whereas I know it will make no difference AT ALL how the church is run, I have to say I like a Pope who choose to take his name from Francis of Assisi. He's one of my favorite saints. Plus, he hasn't got that evil scary face like poor ol' Palpatine Benedict XVI.

Several years ago I bought myself one of those sleek, pretty, new iPod Shuffles with no buttons. Now I am facing the problem with no-button technology, in that the controls on the earbuds (the only controls it has) are going wonky, and the only way to turn it on/off is to lock it and unlock it. It's not exactly the best way to work it, but it'll hold me until I can go ahead and get myself a 7th-Gen Nano, which would serve me the same purpose (as a player for the gym; the iPod Classic is too heavy). I would have actually bought it this week, but for the very first time in my life, I hung around a Best Buy without one single Blue Shirt descending on me to ask if I needed anything. It gave me enough time to think through my spontaneous purchasing choice and leave. I have about $400 left on my Best Buy card from buying the computer, so I'd like to get that down a little further before I put more on it. (I have a $30 Best Buy gift certificate, which would cover at least the protective screen cover for the Nano.)

That problem with my foot is back. I've been reading up on metatarsalgia, which COM suggested it might be, but now along with the pain in the middle of the ball of the foot the second toe looks swollen (at the joint, like I have arthritis or something), and it also hurts down the side of the foot, as well (possibly from adjusting my weight when walking) -- I have been meaning to call around to find a new PCP, but I keep forgetting to make the calls. I at least downloaded and printed a lot of names from my insurance website, of general practice physicians in my area. I miss Dr. Johnson. He KNEW me.

Two weeks until a new Doctor Who. I've been reading a lot of the articles and stuff leading up to the big 50th Anniversary; and I'd often thought that I liked Eleven as much as I do because he kinda reminds me of Two (my all-time favorite), and lo and behold, I read that Matt Smith loves Two, as well, and has been PURPOSELY drawing his portrayal of the Doctor from Patrick Troughton. Well, that explains it! He's certainly a bit more kinetic, but he's younger and a bit more hyper, but he's got that whimsey going. (And, of course, the very cool bow tie.) ThinkGeek has a whole line of thermal travel mugs coming out this year, one for each Doctor. I just don't need twelve mugs (most people assume #12 will be the TARDIS, like on the 50th anniversary calendar). I don't drink THAT much tea.

Another happy story courtesy of FreeKibble.
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