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So glad I went early!

First thing this morning, I arrived at the polling place. There were already six people in line ahead of me, and as we waited for it to open, many others arrived behind me, mostly older folks walking over from the apartments. My neighbor came in behind me. I was the 6th ballot cast, mostly straight Democrat except for a probably throw-away vote for Independent W. Steven Martin for Sheriff. Sadly, Sheriff "Amnesty? What's Amnesty?" Joe will probably hold that office until doomsday.

Now I'll hold my breath until Arizona turns blue. :)

Last night I got a call from someone who identified himself as working for the Arizona Democratic Party and he wanted to be sure I knew where my polling place was. I said I did, and told him where it was. He was startled, and said he had me down as voting at some church, apparently at 67th Avenue and Bethany Home or some such, miles and miles from HERE. I told him my address and that was that. I assumed it was a mistake, until this morning on NPR I heard that there were some folks calling registered voters to tell them false polling places. Now I'm wondering, hmmmm. Good thing I'm informed.

No matter the outcome, it's heartening to see the massive numbers of voters out today.


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Nov. 2nd, 2004 11:54 pm (UTC)
I was filling out my ballot when I heard a fellow in his thirties ask to be shown how to use a ballot, since he had never voted before. "This time I have a reason to," he said. I don't know who he voted for, but at least he voted.
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