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Making the Attempt AGAIN

To achieve goals. I found DailyBurn.com and their tracker (which is free, although they have "pay" levels -- don't seem to need them yet), to keep track of my daily calorie/carb/protein/etc. intake, my workouts, and maybe, just maybe, this time I will get back into all the clothes which have been hiding in my closet for the last year and a half.

Now for writing... oy. Not doing much of anything. I keep THINKING of things and my brain is moving nicely, but nothing is coming out, and I generally spend a lot of time playing HP Games on my expensively bought word processing computing machine.

Anything else? I'm way behind on my Photo Scavenger pictures, but otherwise... chugging along.

I get paid my bonus on Friday -- taxes took a nice-sized chunk, but we may be seeing our way to refinancing our current loan and getting on with the goals of getting some more home improvements done (provided we qualify for said refinance). Barb has collated a list of all the things we WANT done, and we shall see if any of them CAN be done!
Tags: home improvement, work, writing
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