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I'm not sure how he got it where I found it, but I did find it. YAY.

And it served the secondary purpose of forcing me to clean the living room, particularly under the Entertainment Center, where I fished out four dog bones, four tennis balls, about ten or fifteen miscellaneous cat toys (including fluff balls, plastic milk jug rings, and wine corks), and an undetermined amount of dust bunnies largely formed of cat hair.

So double YAY.

I didn't mention earlier this week my bosses granted me a special bonus for Exceptional Service, which gave me enough extra money to pay for my car battery that's been sitting on the CostCo card for a few weeks (oops), some flowers & candy (I'm sentimental and predictable), and for our extravagant Valentine's dinner last night, where we ordered a lot of sushi and ate until we were stuffed; then later we had little slices of the Trader Joe's chocolate torte (which I had with Zinfandel port I also got at Trader Joe's on the recommendation of the wine guy, who said it "went with chocolate" -- he's right, it's PERFECT with chocolate, but Barb didn't like the taste). It was a good Valentine's Day.

And it's been a pretty good week, overall. Had a few minor kerfluffles which were rapidly repaired, but our work is still pretty low, so there's no chance of overtime, and we have a little time on our hands to work things through that we didn't have time for before, so... kerfluffles. But on the whole, really, a pretty good week.

I haven't been doing a lot of writing, and I'd like to remedy that. I still haven't heard from Harper, which does things to the back of my mind, since I know most everyone else who submitted at the same time as me has already received their rejection notice (as we all expected). So since I haven't received a rejection, the back of my mind going "It could be!" is fighting against the front of my mind which is going, "Never in a million years."

I am very unhappy with this new format. WAH, again.
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