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Destroying my Liver

I know I shouldn't drink when I'm on cold medicine, but what the hell. I'm having a glass of wine anyway.

We went and got hair cuts today, and didn't get to the Chinese Center; hopefully I'll feel up to it tomorrow. It's best to go reasonably early.

I for some reason thought last week was Mardi Gras. I was wrong.

We got home from the hair appointment and I sat down and promptly fell asleep in front of the television, and I think I slept for almost two hours.


We went to Trader Joe's and bought a lot of things which I didn't need and many things we did; spent a bit, but it's all good. I got a few bottles of wine to fill up the sadly depleted wine rack, and a chocolate gateau since the King Cake we were gonna have tonight will have to be put off until actual Mardi Gras due to illness (actually, not mine).

Today on our walk we saw the hawk again in the park, disturbing all the other birds and swooping down low to the ground so we could see all his markings. Lovely! We think he's an immature Cooper's hawk -- he's got a very rough pattern on his underside. He's a smallish hawk, but seemed huge, swooping around amidst the other birds, including one of the nighthawks that was dive-bombing him and calling out warnings to the other birds. He frightened a cloister of pigeons and then made lazy circles up and away into the rising sun -- a beautiful thing about living in the southwest, really.
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