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Home Again

Overall, a pretty good trip. We didn't win anything much, but had a good time (which is the important part, I expect).

I played the Monkees machine a few times. It was fun.

A screen full of Peters and guitars gave me 600 credits ($6.00), while a screen full of Mikes was $13.75 -- I never did get more than two Davys in a row. Micky never made an appearance at all. But I came away with around $20 more than I put in when we finished here.

I then later read the Nevada State Statute posted on the wall at New York New York while waiting for Mom outside a bathroom. Apparently it's illegal to take pictures within the casino. Oops.

I finally got Mom to go for the Blue Man Group -- seriously, there are not enough words to describe the awesomeness of this show!!! I could sit through it again and again (I expect it's one of those things that's a little different every night anyway). SO VERY COOL!!!

We ate good food, did some walking, looked at the Bellagio's "Year of the Snake" display:

Went to the Mandalay Bay aquarium; most of my pictures didn't turn out well (VERY low light in there -- I'd need to experiment), and it was very crowded since there were at least four schools there on field trips, but I always enjoy watching the sharks.

Walking up to the tram from the Excalibur to Mandalay Bay provided some good viewing; I was snapping shots up the Strip when I noticed the flag in juxtaposition to the little Statue of Liberty:

We enjoyed walking around and really exploring Mandalay Bay. It's one place we've never stayed, and so some of it was really new. We discovered the pool area (although closed this time of year) -- they have a BEACH (one of those wave pool things). Mom's thinking about us doing a week in August. There's some nifty fountains there.

I am, in general, not very happy with the "new, grander MGM Grand." Not only did they pull out the Lion Habitat (and haven't replaced it with anything), but the new rooms are so NOT green -- there are no towel bars in the bathrooms, so any used towel HAS to be dropped to the floor. Not even one for a washcloth in the shower/tub. No recycling bins around the casino. Not to mention the pillows are really uncomfortable. I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight.
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