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My mom will be 78 years old this March (March 15, to be exact). She got up this morning at 4 am EST to catch a plane to come out here. She was delayed an hour. We got to MGM Grand at around 3 pm PST. We have been going ever since. It is now 1:10 am PST, which means it is 4:10 am EST, and she has been awake a full 24 hours. She's sitting over there finishing her drink and reading her Kindle, which died on her during the flight (she didn't know she should leave the WiFi turning OFF most of the time, so her battery drained).

Tomorrow we go to the Super Bowl party. Woot. This time we're in the Ka Theatre -- might be smaller than the last time we went (or, as I expect, it's actually LARGER and they're using the other theatres for overflow -- and Mom will gripe about it because we're not in the Arena like last time). Mom's having trouble with the fact that everything changes in Vegas at a breakneck speed and none of her favorite machines are where they should be.

I won a few bucks on quarters, played a little on the Monkees penny machine (why is 5 Davys in a row worth 5000 credits, while 5 Mikes is only 500, and 5 Mickeys 250, and 5 Peters only 200? Seems very unfair).

Somewhere between here and home Jonathan Strange (my old computer here) has finally lost that loose "down arrow" key. Dammit. I took Jonathan instead of the new boy (whose name I've forgotten--obviously not as memorable) for several reasons; but now I'm regretting it. I'm assuming the key dropped off at the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, as that was the last place I saw it.

It's time for bed.
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