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One more day, God willing

All righty.

This morning I had my "you're 40 now, get a physical" exam, and did well until they did the blood draw. I told the tech that I was a fainter, and she wanted to know if I wanted to lie down. I bravely said, "No, I was fine last time." This is true. However, she had barely stuck the needle in me when my focus (a picture of a little Halloween vampire) started to fade away, and I said, "I'm going." She asked again if I wanted to lie down, and then I was suddenly swimming out of the weird other-world I go to when I leave my body in a dead faint. They made sure I was okay, gave me some water, finished up, and then the next thing I know I'm laying flat on the floor with the doctor asking me if I knew who I was and where I was. Yikes. Well, they WANT you to fast before a blood draw for some reason...

So they gave me orange juice and made me rest until I could walk without getting dizzy, and I ended up sleeping for an hour on a couch in an unused office before I could go to work. I stopped on the way and got a hot dog (nice breakfast) and some candy (and a nice lunch). Fortunately, this week at work I'm assigned one of the easiest jobs and I was able to get us all caught up in a few hours. Yay me. One nice thing was standing on the Uber-Scale at the doctor's office fully dressed and in cowboy boots and still weighing in at 178. Awesome.

We got a new vacuum. It cleans very nicely.

New Cat is proving to be very territorial, but desperately afraid of the dog. He guards walkways and hisses at Cairo and Silhouette and won't let them pass.

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