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I've been so busy lately I haven't had the chance to watch the Netflix DVDs I've had sitting around for months, and I finally cleaned off the Tivo and popped them in. I had come over with a desire to see NewsRadio again, so just started at the beginning -- and damn, I'd forgotten how really freakin' funny this show was! (I was reminded because this morning I finished up Season 4 of Eureka --only to find out that Netflix DOESN'T HAVE SEASON FIVE YET-- and when I saw Doctor Plotkin, played by Dave Foley, I thought, "Hey, NewsRadio!") I've been laughing my ass off all afternoon.

Of course, watching Season 1 of NewsRadio, it's amazing how young Foley was -- this was only 12 years before the Eureka episode... (then I look at IMDb and see, damn, he was 32 years old when NewsRadio started--my God, he looks about 19!)
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