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Good Things, Bad Things, Stupid Things

The Good: Yesterday when I got to work, I got a "Perks" email in my box stating that, since our company has an exclusive contract with Microsoft, we had an opportunity to get the new Office 2013 for a super-extra-reduced price (seriously, so cheap even I could afford it). So I got it. No more excuses for not doing any writing. So far it's actually an improvement over 2007; when I pull up a former WordPerfect document, it actually SHOWS me the random symbols that Word replaces WordPerfect punctuation with. Woot. That'll help clean up my documents. (Seriously, as much as I loved and still love WordPerfect, that "you can save them as Word documents!" stuff is only kind of all right, and does not work as well as people say--and transferring them to Word documents often means people who get them and try to open them on other programs get only the weird random symbols).

I think I'll get back to cobbling Ring of Fire back together.

The Bad: Oy, the "convenience" and "efficiency" gained by consolidation and centralization! As I spent the last TWO DAYS on the phone with the guys in Tech who are in ILLINOIS, trying to fix a minor problem with our scanners which, through this long-distance tech work, suddenly became a VAST HUGE HORRIBLE problem on our end (several default settings were accidentally deleted, and getting them back apparently... not so easy). They managed to patch a few things so it's at least working... sort of.

Come to think of it, that's more "The Stupid."

After nearly two weeks of seriously bone-chilling dry weather (freezing nights and no precipitation at ALL), the rest of the country is now under a ton of snow and today was 81 degrees. Ah, climate change. (Read a great article from the Bad Astronomer, putting the climate change deniers in their place -- too bad most of them wouldn't get it.)

More good: Found that one of the theatres that shows the Live from the Met operas is actually right near us, so I might look into the cost of season tickets when next season starts -- I went to one with my mom when I was in Florida and it's awesome to see the opera live like that, without leaving home; there's only a few left of the current season, with the individual live shows running $24 and the encore presentations $18 -- (and seriously, although $24 is steep for a movie, it's pretty cheap for an opera -- not sure how many are in a season yet, but if it's four to six, then probably season tickets run between $100 and $150--just guessing). The next one up is Rigoletto. I may get us tickets for the encore, since the live show is already sold out.
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