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A Week

At least, I think it's been only a week.

Last weekend it was freezing -- literally. Phoenix had the longest series of successive days at or below freezing, to the point where covering our tender plants may not have been enough and we may have lost all the damned hibiscus AGAIN, dammit. (They may be alive -- we have to see when spring comes...)

...like, today. Today was warm. Really warm. And it's supposed to be in the upper 70's the rest of the week. Go figure. (One amusing note: our Phoenix-raised dog not understanding what the deal is with the ice on the sidewalk. "What's happening, Moms? I can't walk! And the grass is all crunchy!" Understanding what my friends in other climes go through, though -- our ice was only caused by overflow from sprinklers that come on automatically; there hasn't been a drop of actual precipitation here in weeks.)

Early this week I came home and was greeted by the dog, as often happens, and then he came bouncing across the yard to meet me. Um... WTF? What's he doing in the front yard? So we investigate and find a big hole in the gate. How strange. And then note that this hole is no accident -- the hardware which holds the chain link stretched on the frame of the gate has been bent and pulled back, making the locked chain holding said gate closed pointless. A cursory inventory shows the only things missing is our crappy old tool box with all our miscellaneous tools therein. Weird. All the power tools and the bikes are still here. Light of day showed a few other weird little misc things missing, like the headlight on my bike, the water bottle from Barb's bike, maybe this or that -- but nothing really valuable. My guess is that they were casing the joint and were planning on coming back, not realizing (duh) we had a dog which would ferret out the hole almost immediately. We cobbled up a temporary patch and shoved one of the tool sheds in front of the gate, since we can't afford to actually fix the damned fence right now. And we made sure the sheds are all locked.

We discovered the missing bike attachments when we went riding this week -- this time no dog. I have to work up to be as agile on a bike as I was when I was younger, but it was nice to get back in the saddle, so to speak. I hope someday I can afford to get a new, comfortable seat.

I haven't done anything much productive all week -- I have learned how to play solitaire Mah Jong on my new computer (very addictive), but since I'm moneyless I also still don't have a word processor on the new computer, and haven't taken the time to move over all my files, so while I downloaded iTunes, haven't got any of my music here yet.

I found I rather liked working the later shift, although getting home at 6:30 was kind of a pain, but I was getting things done in the morning, more or less. Now I'm on the early shift (the team leads rotate the schedule, two weeks on the late shift, two weeks on the early, two weeks on the middle, rinse and repeat).

I tried making cookies from the Whole Grain Baking Book this weekend, and although they're tasty, I don't know if it's a favorite recipe yet -- I think I baked them too long; they're definitely a cookie that needs to be taken out BEFORE they "look done."

I literally can't afford to buy a pack of gum. I hope I get that promotion.
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