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Sitting Here Trying to Think of a Title for this Blog Post

Managed to make the first week as a specialist-in-all-but-actuality, which means on the rotation, so this week I was on the late shift (9:30 - 6), and I'll be on that for another week, then rotate to the early shift, and in charge of the big prep room. In general, it went pretty well. I think people actually respect me, or something. It's weird.

But boy, I hope the actual promotion comes sooner or later, because the last few checks without overtime have been really, really, REALLY small. Once the bills are paid and there's gas in the car, and I have about 80 bucks to get us through until next Friday and Barb's paycheck. Fortunately, we don't need a lot -- cat food, some veggies and eggs, and hopefully (crossed fingers) no emergencies.

I'm not sure if there's been too much stress over everything, or if it's allergies, or if I'm actually just got some low-grade something that's making me slightly headachey and light-headed, usually in the afternoons, and really exhausted the rest of the time. I still managed to get to the gym at least twice, with morning walks four times this week (since I was going in late).

When Maureen Dowd hits, she usually hits at least a long ball.

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