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Cryptic Post is Cryptic

I feel rather like a wrung-out washcloth this morning.

I spent a few hours in the emergency room last night -- not for myself, but for my wife, who is fine, so no one worry about her (I did enough worrying for everyone). I'm not allowed to share the details, so don't even ask. There was a fall and asphalt involved, that's all I'm sayin'.

ANYWAY, with my general wussiness, I got all light-headed and the nurses had to sit me down and I managed to not fall asleep (as I usually do after a near-passout incident), but waited until we were able to get her home and settled, then managed to stay awake a while longer until bedtime when I crashed and didn't move for approximately nine hours. I haven't eaten anything substantial since lunch yesterday, but I'm not really hungry -- last night "dinner" consisted of a rosemary cracker and a few petit fours left from Christmas. I know, I should eat something -- in a while I'll fix something with protein for breakfast.

It's interesting, really, the state your body can get into with emotional upheavals. I know I've certainly encountered it before, since I am such a fainting flower, but for some reason I'm always surprised by it and feel taken off guard. I guess it is true your body "forgets" trauma (allowing you to enjoy it time and again).

In other news, I found my Office CDs; unfortunately, it's Office 2003. I could install it, I suppose (and I have to admit I LIKED Office 2003, but I've finally gotten used to Office 2007, and I'm not sure I want to go back to the better one when I have to use 07 at work--not to mention half of what I'm working on currently is in the docx format); I know I got 2007 for Jonathan Strange when I bought him, but maybe because it was a package deal on the computer I never got discs, just the activate code (which I can't find). Because I'm dragging my heels on this, I don't have a word processor on this computer and haven't written anything but my journal in days. (Since I also keep my bank statement in an Excel spreadsheet, I have to keep Jonathan handy for keeping my balance current.)

I have been using this high-speed, wonderful new machine to play Tri-Peaks solitaire. Also installed Sim City Societies yesterday. People of the past, we will use vast computing power to look at cats on the Internet and play games! Be warned of the future!

Happened to catch Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure on TV yesterday. Heh, I'd forgotten how much I loved that movie. A lifelong passion for Billy the Kid was started right there.
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