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Here goes nothin'

Here is the first entry in my Live Journal. I don't expect it to be that exciting, since I know next to nothing about doing such things.

Today is Saturday, and I spent a goodly part of the day sleeping. If all days could begin around noon and end past midnight, that might be good. Unfortunately, there is Real Life out there, and five days out of the week, I must work in it to earn the right to lay around my lair in cozy laziness. Although the thermometer on the back porch indicates that it's actually lower than 100 degrees out there, it feels VERY hot. Fortunately, it's finally August and there should only be about three more months of summer in Phoenix.

After a few weeks of having no deadlines for music reviews, I have three coming up, however, the companies I'm reviewing them for have yet to send me my promotional material. This happens fairly frequently, occasionally leaving me as much as a whole day to listen to the music and give it an honest review. Sometimes I'm a little rushed. Fortunately, I write for websites that try to give us music we will like so we give positive reviews. Hence, I never have to give reviews of some of the limp junk Gnashville calls "country" music.

At the moment, there's company in the living room, so that'll do it for my first entry. Whee!
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