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As We Grind Down 2012

It's 10:34 here in Phoenix, so we haven't watched the ball drop yet.

We have a lot of food, a lot of drink, and general good feelings all around. There are still good-luck Black Eyes in the pot to eat here in a bit, and a little more rum. Kraken, by the way, is EXTREMELY good rum.

I have figured out my back-lit keyboard. I haven't found my activate key for Office.

I think I love this computer, Windows 8 aside.

I also think I'm a little drunk on rum.

As we wind down the arbitrary time allotment we call a "year," I shall offer this:

1) This year, I shall lose weight and get back into my clothes.
2) This year, I shall not buy inordinate amounts of junk: I will ask myself, "Do you really need this?" when confronted with a purchase, and shall endeavor to make myself think twice before pressing "buy."
3) This year, I shall continue striving to NOT be angry about pointless things which make me crazy, since I have learned that when I don't get angry, things are usually better, both around me and for me.

Not much to ask of myself, really. I know I can do it -- it just means stopping and thinking. I CAN do that! (Honest, I really can.)

I hope it's a happy year for everyone who reads me. Best and blessed to everyone!

Oh, and while it may be unpopular? I think Eleven is My Doctor.
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