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I Went and Did It

I am posting from a new computer.

I haven't put everything on it yet -- I can't figure out how to get them to talk to each other (they can see each other on our network, but they both are asking me for "user name/password" and neither of their passwords work to do this). The up/down keys are a little small, so I keep clicking on the shift key, bringing up the all-annoying "sticky keys" thing, so hopefully I'll adjust.

OTHERWISE -- it does have Windows 8 (blah), but I have already figured out how to get the apps off and the regular desktop back (although there's no "start" button in the corner -- WEIRD). I have Firefox and Thunderbird downloaded and working, I have Google Chrome installed.

It's an i7 Itel processor, 8 megs of memory, 1 TB hard drive, DVD drive, good audio, it has Norton installed (I have to set it up with my old account); I have to dig through my stuff and see if I have my activate key for Windows Office, and I may play around with the "apps" on the start page, but on the whole, it's pretty nifty. I got the 18-months no interest, and I should have it paid off by May or June, depending on how much I put into the payments (since my loan just finished, I have that to put into it). I'm mildly annoyed by the excess security, but I'll figure it all out eventually.
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