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They keep changing this thing around and confusing me

Apparently, I am no Jedi at all:

:: how jedi are you? ::

Although I think Raf probably answered most of those questions.

The worst thing about working Saturday is that it so very badly truncates the weekend. Yesterday after work I came home and emptied out my email box but did not read any of the newspapers, then went to lunch and shop with rahirah's mom. The Greek place we wanted to eat at was open, but no one came out of the back and we stood there for several minutes before Mom said "let's eat somewhere else," so we ended up at Coco's, which has severely changed its menu (no more chicken teriyaki croissant!) and reduced the variety of its pies tremendously. I was disappointed, although the new food is still quite good. Then came grocery shopping, then rahirah and I stopped at Goodwill and Big!Lots. I was more disppointed in the lack of anything I really wanted at Goodwill and both stores were so crowded it was more of a pain to shop than anything else. The frames I got at Big!Lots are the wrong size, but I didn't realize it until I'd unwrapped them and tried the new pictures. Phoo. I need to stop being in such a hurry all the time, but rahirah was getting the dreaded "mall fatigue" and I had been up since 4 in the morning. We came home, let Other Cat out of the bathroom, and I took a nap.

Last night watched American Werewolf in London, still good (Scary Movie could have been about an hour and a half shorter). Tonight ghoulies and goblins will probably show up on the doorstep, since this neighborhood has gotten so crowded with kids lately.

The grocery store was already completely out of pumpkins. They didn't even have sugar pumpkins for baking. I can't wait for the Sprouts to open.
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