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Too busy to do much of anything at work for a change, except work! I actually enjoy that, it's cool to be kept busy for the entire 7:45 I must spend there.

I wonder many small things as I drive to and from work... such as the amount of blame which is being levied all over the place. "Big government is responsible." "The governor did it." "Big business did it." "Developers are to blame." "They did it." "He did it." Why can't we as a society stop looking for people to blame and simply square our shoulders to take on the problems and FIX them rather than looking for someone to pin the blame on? Sometimes there are a LOT of things that worked together to make the situation the way it is and were not caused by any one person/event. Okay, the pipeline broke and caused Phoenix to run out of gasoline briefly. Fix it, and let's move on. It amazes me the amount of blame being thrown around. Ah, well. They SAY it's fixed... but there's a lot of gas stations still pretty empty and the price is still about 65 cents higher than it was on August 8, when I last filled up. (Yes, I drive a large vehicle which qualifies as a gas guzzler... but I live and work pretty centrally, and while I gripe about my commute, it's actually one of the shortest I'm aware of at my office.)

I'm taking time off this week. IF gas prices go down to national average (which CNN tells me is $1.74 -- it's $2.15 here in Phoenix, near as I could tell from my daily drive), then maybe we can take that little trip north to Wickenburg to pick apples and actually see Mars (which is impossible here in the Metro area). If not, then, well, I have a really long weekend coming up, hooray.

Hopefully the gas prices will drop some, because it has been proven to me that autumn will not start unless Barb and I leave Phoenix over Labor Day. It's a fact.
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