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Have A Holly Jolly

Whatever you celebrate.

The cookies are baked (chocolate molasses gingerbread & semi-decorated sugar -- I can't frost them all because I didn't realize I was out of powdered sugar), the turkey is in the oven, and shortly I should cook up the potatoes (sweet & russet). There will also be peas & onions, and I don't know if I have the energy to make rolls, but I just might. Having to give up some of my baking time to help sillymagpie has turned today into baking day!

It's been a lean year all around, but there are a few presents under the tree, some for later today when we bring Barb's mom over, and for New Year's Eve when the gang comes. I may go over to Best Buy tomorrow, though, and see what the sales are like, and maybe get that new computer (maybe), using some of my Christmas money from Mom. (Well, technically, my Best Buy card to take advantage of the "however-many-months no interest" thing, since Mom's money arrived when I needed it for things like food and gas.)

I watched one of my favorite Christmas movies this morning, "The Santa Clause," which still makes me a little teary. So many of my other favorites I still only have on VHS; and yes, I still have one hooked up, but I have to keep changing the settings to get to it (which we do, faithfully, when putting up the tree, because we HAVE to watch Charlie Brown Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Santa Claus is Comin' To Town, and The Year Without A Santa Claus while decorating).

It's been a very hectic and strange holiday season.

I hope it's a good one for everyone. Happy holidays, y'all.
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