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Many Things, Catching Up

I prevented myself from goofing around on Live Journal for a few days after getting back because I was so far behind on everything else, namely, getting my writer's critiques done and posted. I need to get back to work on my now closer-to-being-finished NaNo, i.e., piecing together the work I did this year with the stuff on the same basic tale from back in 2010 (the year I didn't finish). In total it's now about 75,000 words, still unfinished but a lot of what I wrote this year isn't really essential, it's just character stuff and I was just letting the words flow for NaNo.

I saw a bumper sticker/car magnet yesterday on a bumper which read, "Merry CHRISTmas!" in that "it's a war on Christmas!" confrontational manner, and I thought, "You guys do know that saying 'Happy Holidays' or 'Season's Greetings' doesn't belittle Christmas or steal anything from Christians. It just includes EVERYONE ELSE. I'm pretty sure Jesus is okay with that."

Why can't I run into one of these "crashers" guys when I'm shopping at Home Depot or Lowe's, so they'll come and gut MY bathroom and give me a new one? I'll let them film here, honest.

Sunset from the plane (the one I mentioned in an earlier post):

I came home at sunset, too; and flying west into the sunset really does last FOREVER. I think it was sunset for the last two-plus hours of the flight!

I was pretty certain right from the first day that the Carnival Freedom was powered by Daleks...

I took a LOT of pictures at Hemingway House:

This is Harry. He'd do tricks for treats. The only rule was you couldn't pick up any of the cats, but if you sat down on any of the benches, they'd get on you as soon as you provided a lap...

This fellow kept going in and out of the hole in the wall behind him; our tour guide told us most of the cats lived under the house in the only storm cellar in the Keys (the house is built on the highest point on the island... a full 20 feet above sea level!).

Sleeping on Hemingway's bed:

This pretty fellow was hanging out on the front porch, and was in fact the first cat I saw:

The little cafe across the street (they did tell us that not ALL the cats have six toes...):

The room Hemingway wrote "The Old Man and the Sea" in (and a few others, as well):

On that old typewriter, even.

The Key West lighthouse:

The Key West cemetery (sadly, the tour didn't have a stop near here, so I just took a few shots as we drove by):

And the Key West Aquarium:

We didn't go in -- we didn't have enough time in Key West -- I have to go back some time, and really explore the place. It was pretty awesome.

A Key West favorite (and pretty good drinks, too... not to mention that Key lime pie w/chocolate):

The same lighthouse, seen as we're sailing away from Key West:

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