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Home Again

I arrived home last night! Home is good. Home is very good.

There are cats and a dog and I unpacked; I appear to have left my watch in Florida (dang it), but mom can send it back to me.

Am cleaning out my Tivo; am now watching River Song on NCIS (seriously, this character could be River), making for strange crossovers in my head.

Doing laundry; there's quite a bit since apparently my wife forgot to do any while I was gone... but that's okay, since I have today and tomorrow off to get re-acclimated to home and actually relax a little. I have to do a little shopping, and get gas for the truck, and watch a lot more stuff off this Tivo.

I'll upload all my pictures -- I have to fire up the old computer since I've never gotten a scanner that works on Jonathan here (the pictures purchased on board ship aren't digital; Carnival needs to get into the 21st Century) -- and then maybe do a pic post for anyone who is interested.

I gained about six or seven pounds. Oops. Good thing I did that boot camp.
Tags: cleaning, television, weight
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