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Day One - Key West

Or "Bone Island." (Apparently when the Spanish first got to Key West, all there was on the entire two square miles of island were human bones -- no one knows why.)

This place ROCKS.

We took the trolley tour and got off at the Hemingway House. How cool is this place? Not only is it a very nice little home (seriously, it looks "mansion-y" from the outside, but inside there's just a few rooms, all laid out nicely, with two bedrooms upstairs and some of the first indoor plumbing on the island, as well as the only basement in the Florida Keys (safe at 18 feet above sea level). And then, of course, there are CATS. All of the Hemingway six-toed cats are descendants of Snowball, the polydachtyl that Hemingway gave his sons. They said there are usually around 40 cats living on the property, and they are all friendly, comfortable cats who will jump in your lap when you sit on a bench, or just enjoy pettin's. IT IS AWESOME. I took many pictures. (Mostly of cats. And pictures of cats. Photos to be uploaded later.)

Then we finished the tour, showing us the highlights of the island, and it's a history-packed two x four miles (two up, four across -- during WWII the military doubled the size of the island, and only stopped when the EPA stepped into save the reef), which I want to come back to and examine more thoroughly. There is a lot of interesting stuff to see here.

I have actually been making an effort to eat better, although I cannot pass on Carnival's Warm Melting Chocolate Cake – I ate the salmon with steamed veggies for last night for dinner, then today had yogurt and blueberries for breakfast, shared conch fritters with Mom for lunch, but DID have to try a slice of Key Lime pie frozen on a stick dipped in chocolate for desert at lunch, simply because I am in Key West and NEED to try their Key Lime pie. Frozen. In chocolate. OMG, foodgasm. One of the best things I've ever had in my mouth.
Plus, a really good rum drink.

Tomorrow: Day at sea. I have about 110 minutes of Internets time, so I have to use it sparingly.

I can't figure out Mom's Kindle. We downloaded a couple of books for her while logged on to her wireless at home, but they seem to have disappeared now we're at sea, and it's apparently difficult to log on a device onto the onboard wireless (I had no trouble with the computer). So it may not have actual wireless (thanks, honey), because it was the cheapest one, but it SHOULD have WiFi, which it did at home. And the books which were downloaded should not have vanished.

But I did accomplish this:

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