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I get a chance to sit down and remember all the things I wanted to post in my first post here, but forgot because Mom kept talking to me and making me show her how to actually USE her computer (I hate Internet Explorer, and I hate it even more on her computer). I want to know how Office Depot sold her a Microsoft computer without Microsoft Office pre-installed. (Yes, I know, it's to make Microsoft Even More Money. Of course, I don't know if she'd ever USE it...) So I opened Chrome and tried to show her how to use that, but she REALLY doesn't get the whys of computers. (I set her up a Twitter account. I "followed" people and things for her. I showed her my account. I did not show her how to follow ME.)

Anyway, my flight was pretty good. I flew out of Phoenix into Columbus, Ohio (waved at cornerofmadness as we flew by), in a plane packed with Buckeye fans coming up for the Ohio State game, chanting "O-H!" in the front of the plane with the echo "I-O!" from the back. Fortunately, they did not keep this up the whole way.

Then as we were landing, the flight attendants did the usual "if you're continuing on with us to Orlando, stay in your seats so we can get an accurate head count" blah blah blah, and then a few moments later, they said, "It looks like there's only one person continuing on to Orlando with us." I said, "That would be me." So after all the Ohio fans decamped, I had my run of the plane, and moved from the back to the front. Whee! I never get to sit in FRONT of the wing. We took off and got above the clouds and the red line of the sunset on the horizon hung there, red and orange and gold fading into dark blue and black of night for about an hour. It was beautiful and awesome.

Currently Arizona St 20, Arizona 27, 8 minutes left. I'm afraid that, despite living in Phoenix, I went to UofA, so I tend to pull for the Wildcats. Oops, touchdown Sun Devils. Field goal good, it's tied.

As I sit with Jonathan Strange (my laptop) on my lap, I know why I have that air-cooled lap desk at home. This sonofabitch is HOT.
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