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In Which I Prove To Be A Luddite

I remembered everything -- passport, clothes, all the chargers, all the electronics... except my phone!!!

And of course, this one time is when Mom has a flat and is running late to pick me up. I get to baggage and the first thing I hear is "Pick up the white paging phone!" and so I do; I get the message the old-fashioned way and waited in baggage for Mom -- who arrived only about ten or fifteen minutes later. So no problems, after all.

So now I'm here, fixing her router and wondering why she finds a computer so overwhelming, when I know others her age are flying into the computer age with no problems at all. As in she doesn't seem to understand it AT ALL. She's a smart woman, but she just does not get it!!!

ANYWAY, I'm here, and since she has a router now, I should be able to upload my NaNo (49,560 words -- I didn't get as much written at the airport as I'd hoped) on Sunday before we leave, provided Mom doesn't continually bug me about being on the computer.......
Tags: cruise, florida follies, vacation, writing
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