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Ritual Sacrifice... with pie

Lots and lots and lots of pie. (Barb made peach, I made chocolate chunk pecan.)

We got a gigantic turkey (20 pounds), got it roasting early, stuffed with Barb's bread & chestnut stuffing, then did SOMETHING for the bulk of the day (it sure didn't involve too much writing -- only 502 words somehow, while watching the parade and the dog show; we didn't really have a lot of different dishes.

But then I took the turkey out of the roasting pan, as I always do; I put the pan on the burners, like I always do; I added a little flour and started stirring, like I always do; as it thickened, I added stock, as I always do...

And then weird black flecks started to float on top. Instead of cohering into gravy, the black stuff kept separating. I finally decided to try and strain the black stuff out, and after straining what I had was a strainer full of black sludge that tasted like gravy and a pan full of grease that would not turn into gravy. I tried to reconstruct it with the sludge and the grease, but nothing worked, so I gave up. Fortunately, there were enough drippings on the platter under the turkey to at least serve the three of us with something for the stuffing (and I didn't make mashed potatoes, thankfully), so the lack of real gravy was only a minor disaster. I've never had that happen with gravy before, and I've been making gravy for roughly forty years.

But the turkey and the pie were awesome, as was the stuffing. Rounded out with rolls and green beans and Barb's sweet-potato-and-apple casserole, and it was a great and glorious feast.

Humor from Wil Wheaton -- his dogs remind me of our dog. I can't imagine having three of them.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

Back to writing.
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