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Thanksgiving Eve

I am thankful for many things -- my wife, my job, our cats, our dog, my new car, my old truck, my friends, my imagination, my mother, my mother-in-law, good food, Obama won a second term, chocolate, and so on.

I am thankful for a warm house, a comfortable bed, and having enough -- enough of everything. We may grouse we never had extra money for "frivolities," but we have enough.

I am also thankful that when we went to the zoo a couple weeks ago, I managed to snap this picture of our male Siberian tiger:

I got a few other really nice shots, too. The male lion was actually yawning here:

The lioness was unimpressed.

Words: 45,427. Almost done! I want to finish before I board the ship, although Mom plans on keeping me busy Saturday (we board the ship on Sunday); then all I have to do when I get my minutes so I can upload and verify. I doubt I'll have the chance to do it on Sunday before we leave (verification starts Sunday).

You're very welcome:

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