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Humor on a Tuesday Morning

So, this morning I came out of the Circle-K with my morning soda pop and noticed that someone had written something on the dust on my hood. Curious, I looked closer. Then I smiled. Under the Doctor Who logo, and the "GERONIMO!" with the TARDIS silhouette stickers which I have on my windshield, someone had written "Allonsy!"

It made me happy.

I had my dentist checkup and cleaning today. At nearly age 50, I finally am getting perfect checkups. Go figure.

From the "Arizona is Crazy" files: Yesterday, a woman who was distraught over the fact that Obama won the election ran down her husband in a parking lot in front of many witnesses who said she chased him around a light pole and then pinned him with the car, putting him in the hospital, when she found out he didn't vote.

Also, someone is starting a petition to have Arizona succeed from the Union because Obama won.

Seriously, Repubs, we left-wingers were despondent when Bush II won a second term, but the insanity level seemed a lot lower, somehow...

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