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I had lots of thoughts

But they're all gone. I swear, I can't remember anything from one minute to the next.

But I CAN write words. They even make sentences. There's no story yet, but lots and lots of words! 25,016 of them, in fact, which means I've already passed up where I got on this story the first time I tried to write it.

Jonathan Strange (my computer, here) is starting to show his age. I swear, I write a whole sentence and then have to stop and wait for the letters on the screen to catch up with me, and God help me if I make a mistake and try to back space or anything. Best Buy sent me a "buy something with your credit card NOW and get 20% off AND no payments until the year fourteen-million!" (Okay, that's an exaggeration.) But I don't think I should succumb to the temptation until I have paid off some other things, even if I do think I need a new computer.

Wil Wheaton makes me happy.

Real Vampires in Venice.

There are new bits of my current NaNo posted at nightmaresaloon.
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