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Chick and Duck

Our neighbors across the street own a rooster and recently acquired a duck. As a long-time "Friends" fan, I find this completely hilarious. Anyway, the rooster is a handsome fellow, nice plumy tail and bright red comb, mostly white with some brown smudges; the duck is pale brown with white smudges.

Today I arrived at home and Chick was standing in the middle of my driveway. I had to drive at him a few times to get him to dash across the lawn so I could park. I discovered that he and Duck were hanging out in our front yard, rooting around in the grass and purple-flowery-stalky things that grow around the orange tree. I went out to get the mail and both of them clucked at me in mild disapproval, but didn't run off. Chick stood on the driveway and crowed while Duck started to poke around in the clovery-plant thing that I can't spell the name of. The cats sat in the doorway and watched, fascinated.

We appear to have a new cat, full details of which can be seen at rahirah's journal.

Today on the Diane Rehm show she was talking to Cary Grant's new biographer and it was a terrific hour talking about Grant and his work. Makes me want to see many of my favorite Cary Grant movies again.
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