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Hey, Republicans -- I'm confused

Okay, I got it when our side said, "If Bush wins, I'm moving to Canada!" But explain to me why YOU guys would say that now, about Obama. Do you really hate the president so much that you'd move to a country that, wait for it -- has SOCIALIZED MEDICINE?

Not to mention Canadians are widely considered a courteous people, and most of you have forgotten what "courtesy" means.

I just would hate to see you guys do to their country what you've done to mine...

(Also, just FYI: You can't "go back" to what "this country was." No one can go back to what they once were. Time is sadly linear for most people, and we have to go forward. This country will never be "what it was." But if you work WITH us, instead of AGAINST us, it might be something even better.)
Tags: politics, sarcasm
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