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NaNo! First weekend...

I'm at 8,858 words, and have posted a couple of excerpts at nightmaresaloon.

I realized I will HAVE to pay for some internet time while on the ship, because I won't be able to verify the word count until, I think, November 29 or 30th (I can't remember when verify opens). However, I was checking the website and see that it's much cheaper now than it was a few years ago, including when out at sea (now it's satellite technology, no longer dependent on cell towers or cables!).

Been moving really slow here today. We took our Sunday morning walk around the park, did Mom's shopping, watched another disc of Fringe (we're almost done with Barb watching through S4, so I can FINALLY start on S5 here soon, which are piling up on the Tivo -- we're almost done, though, only three more episodes).

I'm having intense cravings for SOMETHING. I'm trying to curb them by eating almonds. Those Special K pastry crisps are pretty good, though. I ate ONE 100-calorie pack.

Back to work.
Tags: food, nanowrimo, weekend, word count
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