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Happy Halloween!

I decided against the costume I had thought up -- wear my pinstriped suit & Converse and go as "Doctor Donna" largely because NO ONE in my office would get it, so I pulled out the velvet dress I got from Pyramid Collection and all my costume jewelry and went as the Wicked Queen instead. Worked reasonably well, despite the fact so few people actually dressed up this year. Made pumpkin muffins which were all eaten.

I have updated my writing journal, nightmaresaloon.

I have not made any decisions regarding the changes to Livejournal. As long as they don't push the Beta on us, I'll stick it out as I have with all their other changes. (I note it more at nightmaresaloon, because it's not a paid account -- the hot links on key words is annoying, as are the ads, but mostly I ignore it.) But if we all decamp, I'm Wildrider there, too.

Tomorrow morning NaNoWriMo begins. I have to finish early, since I'll be at sea on November 30; I'm not sure about being able to sign on while on the ship, although the prices are MUCH more reasonable than they used to be, so... but better safe than sorry, I say, so I have to start writing first thing tomorrow!

Thanks to nutmeg3 and cornerofmadness for the cookies!
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